I'm the reserve, waiting for his turn

I'm your lost bag trying to get found

I'm all the things that you would never see

waiting for his turn to come up front

I'm the next act, waiting for his turn

still trapped in your dead angle

I'm the one that won't know what to say

when asked by your unimportant things

I'm this annoying thing that just wants to share your light

completely overwhelmed getting what he wanted

I'm this one thing that you chose to ignore

still waiting for his turn to come up front


When I started university there was this one girl

that I just had the worst start with, which is fine

The thing that really bothered me was:

The person she thought I was, wasn't nearly the person I saw in myself

So I wrote a song about exactly that

It's kinda sad

but then again, she is a good friend today

so maybe it worked


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