Purple Shell

You ask for some exchange as if I'm not truthful

I ask for some restraint to pull myself from you

we both know better now

we both should have said so

You ask and I don't answer you

that seems alright now

I don't want the same things that I do

I just want to gather something new

I don't want to push or to loose you

I just want to finally come true to you

...will be myself, you will be yourself, you...

After all, am I everything you need to be?

You'll foresee that I am just a shadow of who I used to be

a shell wrapped in purple insecurity

you will see

I'll be free


You know how everyone always says "Relationships are work"

Friendships can be that way, too

but they're almost always worth putting the work in

or you just write a song

worked a treat

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